Safe From Harm | Digipak CD

Empathy Test's second studio album, Safe From Harm, released simultaneously with the debut, Losing Touch (Remastered), in 2017. Like Losing Touch (Remastered), it remastered versions of previously released tracks as well as new ones. This is the first edition 10 track version. 1,500 copies were made.


Track list:


1. Bare My Soul (Remastered)

2. Everything Will Work Out

3. Trampoline

4. Firelight

5. Seeing Stars (Remastered)

6. By My Side (Remastered)

7. Vampire Town (Remastered)

8. Safe From Harm

9. All It Takes

10. Burroughs & Bukowski

11. Walk Right Out (Remastered)


All original tracks written, perfromed and recorded by Isaac Howlett and Adam Relf. Lyrics by Isaac Howlett. Mixed and mastered by Adam Relf. Artwork by Adam Relf.


Safe From Harm | Digipak CD

VAT Included